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Learn About Mobile Bonuses at Oz Casinos

Online gambling has never been easier to enjoy. There's an ever increasing number of casinos making their games accessible to people who prefer the sheer convenience of their mobile. After all, you can't lug your desktop around with you all day, and a laptop won't fit in your jacket pocket. On top of that, you might just be in for a mobile bonus.

How does a Bobile Bonus Work?

mobile bonus

A mobile bonus is simply a casino bonus that works on your mobile. What changes is the way you play (ie with your mobile) rather than the bonus itself. A mobile bonus can be a risk-free way to dip your toe into gambling, or, if you're already a frequent gambler, can offer you some free plays at a new casino.

There's a variety of mobile bonuses available. The most common type is a certain amount of free spins for slots or credits for specific games. Another is a set amount of free cash. These three are usually for new players. A fourth bonus, for established gamblers, can be a percentage of losses over a certain period.

Gambling on your Bobile is Easy mobile bonus

Because modern smartphones are effectively mini-computers, they're often just as effective as their giant desktop cousins. You will need a few things to play casino games with your mobile, including a phone that's relatively up to date (you won't need the latest model but a very old one might not be compatible with modern software). Beyond that, a stable and strong internet connection is required. Last but not least, either a casino app will be needed, or you'll need to use your browser to access the casino games.

What are the Advantages of Playing Mobile Casinos?

Sheer convenience is the biggest plus point. The relative downside is that it's also easier to be distracted (after all, when you're curled up on the sofa you'll have your mobile next to you, not your desktop). Otherwise, it's all very similar to playing with your desktop/laptop. Mobile players generally have access to the same games and banking options, and mobile bonuses.

What are the Downsides of a Mobile Bonus?

mobile bonus

There are almost always certain requirements necessary before any money can be withdrawn. The specifics vary, so check out the small print of the offer you're considering. Commonly, you'll have to play through a certain value of spins (so, a free $20 of spins might require $1,000 of spins to be played before you can withdraw any winnings). It's very unusual to be able to just log in, enter the promotional code, and withdraw a mobile bonus as cash. Otherwise, a mobile bonus is a free chance to try and win, with the casino hoping you enjoy it enough to keep playing once you've done.

Mobiles offer unprecedented convenience for accessing a casino. The mobile bonus you can enjoy is a nice little extra.